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Necklace Length Guidelines

Some of the necklaces on this website are displayed shorter than actual length, to achieve the best lighting and detail possible while being photographed.

Please confirm your necklace length by reviewing the guidelines and diagram below. You will find the length of each necklace listed in its page description. 

Most necklaces can be shortened or lengthened to fit your needs. Contact me with any inquiries. 

14" - Fits like a choker

16" - Fits at the base of the neck like collar. For small frame ladies, a necklace or chain of this size might fall slightly lower down to the collarbone.  For plus size women, this necklace might feel like a choker.

18" - Falls at the collarbone and is a popular choice for chains to hang pendants from - the pendant will hang over a crew sweater or t-shirt.

20" - Falls a few inches below the collarbone - a great choice if you have a low, plunging neckline.

22" - At or below the neckline. 

24" - Hangs below the neckline.

32" - 36" - Extra-long and can be wrapped around for a double necklace. This is a common size for pearl necklaces, hanging below the bosom. 

Necklace Diagram