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About Me

by Terri

Me and my son JakeThanks so much for visiting my online store! My name is Terri Fulmer, and I am the owner and sole proprietor of byTerri.com.  All the items you will find here are designed and hand crafted by me.

I have a passion for gemstones, crystals, metal stamping, and fabrics of all kinds.  Designing and creating is a de-stressor for me.  My favorite time is when I can lock myself in my shop, blast my music and turn my thoughts and ideas into ---"things".

For years I have taken my product to craft fairs, and flea market type venues---and have enjoyed every minute of it!  I decided it's time to step it up another notch, and offer my items to more people.

I do have an alternate full time job so I have more ideas in my head than time to create, but I always have something in the works.  Please check back often, because there will be new treasures added as they are completed.  

If you have any questions, or want to discuss custom work, please Contact me. 

Warmest Regards,